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Translation Request

By 2:10 PM

If you would like to request a translation of a certain post, article, etc. please use this contact form to let me know. However, please note that I will not translate articles or posts that are strictly intended to criticize or mock BTS or any other idols, and I do not translate articles that deal with rumors.

To request a translation, please copy and paste the code below into a comment and fill out the appropriate fields.

Title of Article: This can be copied and pasted directly from the article itself. This is to allow me to get an idea of what the article is about.
Link to Article: Just directly copy and paste the link to the article.
Topic/Category: This is an optional field for you to tell me (if you know!) who the article is about and roughly what topic it discusses. If you don't know, that's fine! Feel free to leave it blank.

Please do bear in mind that if I get a lot of requests, I might not be able to translate them all quickly! I am going to try to translate the most time-sensitive articles more quickly and save the less time-sensitive ones for later. This may mean I don't translate in the order that comments are received.

Once an article has been translated, I will delete the comment containing that link. If you see other comments containing the same article (or a similar article), please refrain from duplicate postings~

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  1. [아이돌 메이커] 방시혁 대표 | 산업적으로 ‘의미’있는 회사를, 아이돌과는 ‘다른’ 아이돌을:

    And this one is about Bang PD....^^ These 2 interviews are quite long....but I think the thoughts of 2 makers of BTS are worth reading if we want to know with what kind of person/ in what kind of company the boys work.:

  2. no title but seojun talking about taehyung

    i'm dying to know about what he said about taetae, i wanna smile moreㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  3. 방탄소년단이 ‘떡밥’들로 만든 세계:

    [아이돌 콘텐츠 어워드] 콘텐츠 끝판왕, 방탄소년단

    Both articles are about their online contents and socia media presence. Thank you so much for everything that you do!

  4. 130629 Kiss The Radio BTS Cover "I Need A Girl"(TAEYANG):

    Yoongi's rap lyrics:

    In this radio show soon after their debut they covered Taeyang's I Need A Girl. Yoongi said with pride he rewrite the lyrics of rap part. I'm interested in what he said so I tried to google this cover. But there're only the lyrics of other members'(=Taeyang's original lyrics), nothing about Yoongi's part..... :'(
    Could you please translate Yoongi's rap lyrics?(01:56~02:20) Thank you in advance! (You're my last hope to understand what Yoongi whants when he need a girl..... )